My Greek Sojourn

My Greek Sojourn I am yearning to tell someone that I had been to Greece. What? Have I not earned even bragging rights after spending so much? No, I am not an expert, and yes this is my first blog, I hope you do welcome me. I promise to tell you a factual account, no exaggerations and I won't play down anything either. My use of superlatives would reflect my own experience and assessment. Would you find it interesting? Would you find it useful? Hopefully, you do. But frankly, that is not of paramount importance. It was a pleasure going on holiday and it is a pleasure writing about it. Surely this little blog is not going to overload the net and break the proverbial camel's back. Island of Santorini, Greece.  Disclosure: This is not a "how-to", "what to/where to" and "tips" guide. Also, I am not a pretty girl displaying my photos or selfies you will have to find that elsewhere. Yes, I clicked the photo. Liked it? Before 11th September 20